Humor is extremely important!!! And important to be happy. One of the many important. Humour lets me go on. If you don't have humour, can I help or pray for you?
Anger is not good at all! But people make me angry when they reject me, or ignore me. And they don't really accept the real me!!! If someone is angry, I want to know why; it helps extremely to talk about it!
Happiness is important, if you aren't happy everything is extremely bad. I'm a great listener if someone is unhappy, and I like to help! So email me!
Friendship is a very special thing! I don't know what it is exactly, but I know who I like and who my friends are, who I can trust!!!
Christian Science:
Christian Science is my extremely strong religion!!! Lots of spiritual healings and a spiritual life. I am grateful to God and to Life and to be able to live on my own!!! Christian Science is very important to me in my life. I would not be here without it. I really love it. I have had many healings and proofs of God's care and the power of Christian Science.

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