From ohio, was in a lake never wanted to get out ! Came to ca. long time ago. Dad, mom, brother, sister, dad did more for me ! Very little schooling, learned mostly on my own ! Away in 2 homes for 5 months, I don't like homes at all, got out my self, no one thought I could do it, have help few hours a day. Had many helpers. Was made to go to disabled camp 8 years never like it. A friend took me to a church camp in colorado, where I have gone rafting, canoeing, up rocks, & up ropes, 7 mile run in wheel chair, I go summer & x-mas, it's where I feel the most love, the camp is called Adventure Unlimited. I'm a very strong christian scientist, it's my life, I wouldn't be here with out it, a long time ago I went to a big youth meeting at the mother church in boston. I loved it, many were behind me reading my board on back of my chair, it says don't be afraid of me, be patient, hold it in front of my face & I will point to letters with my nose to spell words, it's best to stand on my left, for me ! I had many adventures to many to write ! Hav been through a lot ! Sometimes wish I had little more help. It's very hard to write this not knowing which way to write, from a christian science or from a disabled point of view! I use head pointer to type. 2 Times a year go on a 5 mile hike thrugh hills to the beach. Took my self to a mall shopping ! Once I met a guy at camp, helped me write a song after midnight took few hours. My very strong belief in christian science makes me have mixed feelings on how to go about my disabled seemingly life, as I gotten crazy, falten out of my chair & many other things, yes, many things try to get in my way, I don't in anyway think of my self as disabled ! But most of all it's C.S. That really keeps me going ! I thank God divine for my spiritual life ! ! !

I'm looking forward to getting to meet people on the web & learning much more ! I'm very grateful ! Thanks, chris honicky

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