I am very intelligent and think and reason normally just like you. But my formal schooling is very limited. I made it half way through 8th grade, and the school administrators thought I was too retarded to go to high school. So they kept me in the same special Ed classroom with a bunch of 12 year old kids until I was 18. So apart from a few community college classes I am almost entirely self taught and I have developed a number of ways to effectively communicate.

First I have a board with the alphabet written on it. If you stand to my left and hold the board in front of my face, I can point to letters with my nose to spell words (this is how I wrote this web page too) This is the fastest way for me to communicate. But you still must be very patient!!!

My board also has a lot of information on the front, including how to use it to communicate. I hang it on the back of my wheel chair so it is always available.

I can also talk on the telephone and write letters. I have an integrated computer/speakerphone that allows me to type what I want to say. I use a special "pointer hat" to type. Then the computer speaks the words. If you ever want to call (818-895-6460), allow the phone to ring 20 times for me to answer!!!

I also use the pointer hat to type letters on my computer.
When I don't have my board, or I don't want to use it, I can draw letters with my left foot or my left elbow.
Sometimes I can even sound out letters and words with my voice!!!


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